"G.T.B. ANODOS S.A." is a Consultancy office and its activities include the elaboration of studies, planning and consultancy services in the following fields of activity: Transportation, Structural and hydraulic works design, Cadastral studies and Topography, Geotechnical Engineering. Our clients come from both the public (Ministries, Public Administrations and Organisations) and the private sector (mainly contractors) in Greece and abroad. Members of the company participate also in the elaboration of Environmental Impact Assessment Studies.

The company consists of Engineers and Scientists experienced in planning and design and also occupies other specialised and highly qualified personnel, such as technical assistants.

"G.T.B. ANODOS S.A." staff, operating in project teams, guarantees the best possible result.

"G.T.B. ANODOS S.A." uses computer facilities and field equipment of the highest standards in order to assure the fastest possible quality design. All design and drafting procedures are fully computerised.

The firm and all members of the staff are specialised in CAD, mostly AutoCAD and related products, as well as specialised software for design and planning, and they also design the company's own custom software.